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Networking Blades & Boards

Advantech's AdvancedMC(AMC) Carriers provides both standard and customized products for AdvancedTCA(ATCA), AdvancedMC, and MicroTCA solutions. Advantech drives innovation in Network Application Platforms with High Performance Computing platforms. Advantech provides mission critical hardware to the world's leading telecom and networking equipment manufacturers, and plays a crucial role in industrial communication.

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    Advantech's AdvatncedTCA(ATCA) Blades are designed in unison with the leading silicon suppliers, providing OEMs with the earliest possible access to leading edge technology. The cornerstones of Advantech ATCA product line are the blades designed in our own labs and manufactured on our own production lines. Advantech ...

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    PCI Express Adapters

    Advantech's PCI Express adapter range of accelerators, network interface cards, and intelligent NICs enables industrial intergrators, network equipment providers and cybersecurity vendors to intergrate LAN access and acceleration devices with more robust and reliable feature sets into industrialPCs, high performance ...

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    MicroTCA & AdvancedMC

    Advantech's non x86 network appliance - Packetarium™ systems are available in multiple rackmount form factors as standard and customized platforms and share common design features in order to accelerate system design and maximize hardware and software re-use. Advantech's non x86 network appliance - The Packetarium™ product ...

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    2014 Advantech iAutomation & iSystems World Partner Conference

    Last Updated : Dec 22, 2014
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    Accelerating Network Platform Evolution with ATCA Blades, Systems and Services

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    Advantech Remote Evaluation Services
    A Unique Twist on New Technology Evaluation

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    Advantech brings the core competencies of our Blade Computing Solutions and Network Application Platforms. It mirrors the changing market requirements we are observing where baseline technologies and platform scalability needs converge.


Advantech's Networks & Telecom Group Launches New Wave of Products Based on 2nd Generation Intel® Core™ Processor


Expands markets for AdvancedMC™ and CompactPCI™ boards with higher performance,

on-chip graphics, fast floating point and higher speed PCI Express I/O


Taipei, Taiwan, January 6, 2011: Advantech, a global manufacturer of telecom computing blades and multicore network processor platforms, today announced two new products based on the latest Intel® Core™ i7 processors. The MIC-5603 AdvancedMC™ and the MIC-3395 6U CompactPCI single board computer are designed to give OEMs the competitive advantage through the performance enhancements and scalability of the 2nd generation Intel® Core™ processor family.


The MIC-5603 AMC with the Intel® Core™ i7 processor targets abroad range of applications where network performance,graphics or vector processing and compute intensive tasksare required.Forsupervisory or control applications an optional front panel HDMI port connects to the processor’s on chip controller offering integrated Intel HD graphics DX10.1 and OpenGL 3.0 capabilities or simplyreplaces entry-level discrete graphics for a lower BOM cost.  Up to 8 GB of DDR3 1333MHz SDRAM with ECC support, in a dual channel design, makes it ideal for mission critical applications requiring low latency, reliable memory access. In addition, Advantech’s leading-edge, on-board fabric mezzanine interface enhances modularity for a wider range of fat pipes and I/O choice with standard or custom modules.


External Ethernet connectivity is via two dedicated GbE front panel ports from the Intel® 6 series chipset and onboard Intel® 82580 quad port LAN controller, which in turn provides two additional GbE ports to the AMC base fabric and one to the Fabric Mezzanine. The Intel 6 series chipset brings new and enhanced remote management capabilities with KVM over LAN as well as introducing faster I/O than previous generation designs with SATA-III to AMC ports 2-3 and PCIe x4 gen.2 to the gold fingers.  An optional fabric mezzanine based Intel® 82599 connects dual 10 GbE to the fat pipes, positioning the AMC for cost effective offload capabilities withbest-in-class virtualization and acceleration.The MIC-3395 6U CompactPCI SBC follows on the success of the MIC-3392 blade using low power mobile processor technology and offers an upgrade path with higher levels of performance andricher features. The board fits in a single 4HP slot and expands memory capacity to up to 4GB on board DDR3 with ECC support and one SO-UDIMM module for up to a further 8GB.


I/Oexpansion is ensured via an XMC slot whilst mass storage is available with onboard 2.5” SATA-III support, onboard CompactFlash and RTM-based SAS storage options. Six independent gigabit Ethernet ports cater for a wide range of integration options with dual GbE connectivity to front, rear and PICMG 2.16 ports.


The blade fits a widerange of markets in addition to telecom, in particular in semiconductor test & manufacturing equipment, transportation and industrial workstations which will benefit from the integrated graphics controller. The Intel® Advanced Vector Extension Technology (Intel® AVX) built in to the  Intel® Core™ i7 processorpositions the MIC-3395 for image and signal processing in applications such as radar, sonar and imaging as well as for use in industrial controllers and video analytics where floating point operations are key.


Both products will be available for OEM sampling in the first quarter 2011 with comprehensive software support from Advantech’s ecosystem alliance partners for Carrier Grade Linux and RTOS.


Further details are available here.