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How can I develop applications on Windows CE?
After buying a Windows CE license, can I upgrade the CE version from CE5.0 to CE6.0?
Does the Windows CE 5.0 standard image support Remote Connection?
Can any brand of USB BT dongle be used on Windows CE 5.0?
Why does Disk folder not show in My Device?
While right-clicking any ICON in Windows CE 5.0, on the desktop or in control panel,we only see the tab names with nothing underneath. Is there something wrong in the building phase?
Does Advantech support RAS Server/PPTP Server in the Windows CE 5.0 standard image?
Is it possible to divide the CF card into two sections?
When the system boots, it shows Advantech's logo, can we change it to our logo using the same format file?
How can we enable the KITL debugging feature?
Does Windows CE5.0 have a 512 MB limitation on the total system memory? When we install a system with 1 GB DRAM; the BIOS recognizes it but the OS only recognizes 512 MB of memory.
Is there any Windows CE 5.0 image for SOM-4451?
Are there any Windows CE 4.2 / 5.0 images for PCM-9577?
Does Windows CE 4.2 or 5.0 for PCM-5820 support PPP over PCM-3601 modem board? There're two serial ports COM1 & COM2 occupied by network connection.
15 Why is it that in the”Dial-up and Network” section we have”Connection to Com1” and”Connection to Com2§ after system bootup?
16 I copied the contents of the original CF to a new one and then replaced the nk.bin. The system then wouldn't boot with this new CF? is there something else we should do?
17 Which Windows CE version supports MLAN-3325 WLAN on TREK-755?
18 Can you provide SOM-4455 Windows CE 5.0 SDK? We are using Microsoft's embedded Visual C++ 4.0 to develop our application.
19 Why can't I use CMD mode when I use PCM-9375 Common DSP?
20 Why does DVI not display on PCM-9381?
21 Why can the ARK-3380 Windows CE image boot from CF but not the HDD?
22 We put the CF card on CN6 of SOM-4455's development Kit's CPU board, however, the CF can be not recognized by Windows CE 5.0. Are there any special settings necessary?
23 When building a Windows CE 5.0 image of PCM-3375 and running it with 64MB DRAM, which flag needs to be turned on?
24 Windows CE and Programming Tool Compatibility?
25 What is the difference between”.NET Framework 1.1” &”.NET Framework 2.0”?
26 What is the difference between”.NET Framework” &”.NET Compact Framework”?